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During the project several products have been elaborated.

Flip books

Click on the the image and a new page will open. Flip through and enjoy reading.

VinoLingua Wine Region Brochure German
(Vinolingua Weinregionen Broschüre)
VinoLingua Wine Region Brochure French
(Brochure régions viticoles Vinolingua)
VinoLingua Wine Region Brochure Italian
(Brochure sulle regioni vinicole Vinolingua)

VinoLingua Wine Region Brochure Spanish
(Folleto de las regiones vinícolas Vinolingua)

VinoLingua Survival-Kit

Wine Terminology

During the project an extensive online Wine Terminology in 4 languages was elaborated. The user has the possibility to change the target language and serach for the requested expression. To get an idea how it looks like, click on the following link to get a print screen. Wine Terminology Print Screen

Downloadable Products

The report VinoLingua Didactics outlines the didactical content behind this project. It is multilingual, some parts are in English, others in German and in French.
Description of the competence levels of the Common European Framework of Languages A1, A2, B1 adapted to the needs of wine growers.
Niveaubeschreibungen des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens
für Sprachen A1, A2, B1 adaptiert für den Sprachbedarf von Weinbauern.
Description des niveaux de compétence du Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues A1, A2, B1 adaptée aux besoins linguistiques des viticulteurs
Descrizione dei livelli di competenza del Quadro Comune Europeo di riferimento per le lingue A1, A2, B1 adattato ai bisogni linguistici dei
Descripción de los niveles de competencia del Marco Común Europeo de Referenciapara las Lenguas A1, A2, B1 adaptada a las necesidades linguísticas de losviticultores.



Lifelong Learning Programme

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